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Workshops 2019

Improving exiting pastues and establishing new pastures (2/11/19 Classroom Workshop)

Properly managing your existing pastures (3/11/19 Classroom Workshop)

Workshops 2018

Basic animal nutrition concepts and their ties to animal health (5/18/18 Classroom Workshop)

Sustainably feeding animals and the use of Body Condition Scoring to evaulate animals (6/21/18 Classroom Workshop)

Animal Health and diseases related to nutrition (7/31/18 Classroom Workshop) [workshop recording]

Reference & Links 


        -Body condition scoring videos for beef cattle, goats, pigs and sheep filmed at the field workshops
        -Parasite control in small ruminants


     -Characteristics of forage legumes in Northeast (color chart)
     -Characteristics of forage and pasture grasses in Northeast (color chart)
     -Characteristics of forage and pasture species (table)
     -Description and seeding rates for forage plants
     -Establishing forage seedlings (UNH publication)
     -Pasture Production with selected forage species (UNH publication)
Penn State Agronomy guide
     -Grazing Plan workbook-for entering forage measurements
Grazing Plan Checklist
   -How to guide for using a pasture stick
   -Cool season grass ID chart
   -Cool season legume ID chart
   -Forage yeild and avaibility by month of various grasses/legumes
   -Livestock forage monthly balance sheet
   -Determining paddock size and grazing height of grass and legume species


Nutrition's Role in Sustainable Livestock Production Practices

A workshop series for agricultural service providers and farmers on pasture management and infrastructure and the nutritional needs of livestock raised on pasture.


Upcoming 2019 Workshops:

All workshops will be held in the training room at Farm Credit East in Enfield, CT (240 S Rd.) from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm

- 3rd workshop - Mon. April 29th

Nutritional management of pasture raised animals

-Three field training workshops will be planned following the classroom workshops listed above

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